Yoga Block - Recycled Cork


100% recycled cork

This fitness or yoga block is made from 198 recycled natural wine corks. The block offers a stable, non-slip surface for your practice. It can help increase balance, improve alignment, achieve deeper poses and elevate strength. 

Dimensions: 9" length x 6" width x 3" height

Great for: Balance and stretching. All forms of yoga and fitness practice.  

Made in China by ReCork.

  Upcycled: Suga collects worn out wetsuits, diverting them from landfills into beautiful, useful products.

  Sustainable: ReCork takes a holistic approach to sustainability. They have created a value stream for waste otherwise dumped in landfills and oceans, by recycling over 75 million corks. ReCork closely monitors their carbon footprint and has chosen to use a carbon neutral shipping program while utilizing only recyclable and compostable packaging. Their production facility is hydro-powered, and they provide a detailed and transparent carbon footprint report prepared by a third-party.