Wool Dryer Ball - Set of 5


100% felted wool

These 100% wool dryer ball are made with wool from a small flock of much-loved sheep living at their forever home in California. Each set includes 5 tennis ball sized pieces. Every ball is made with natural, unbleached wool, so your set will include various colors - white, black, and/or multi-grey. Images do not necessarily reflect the colors your set will include.

Along with cutting down on chemical exposure and avoiding waste from single-use dryer sheets, there are many benefits of dryer balls:

  • Absorb moisture from clothes
  • Cut down on drying time
  • Save energy and money
  • Reduce static
  • Soften clothes
  • Can be scented with a few drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Kids love playing with them!

Sets ship in a custom Algae Goods dust bag made from scrap industrial polyester and organic cotton with a jute tie.

Great for: keeping single use dryer sheets out of the landfill, and limiting your family's exposure to toxic chemicals in traditional fabric softening options.

Made in California, USA by Plum Blossom Farm.

  Natural100% felted, unbleached wool.

  LocalProduced in Northern California, USA. Raw material and products come from the same location.

  Ethical: Realizing the wool industry was lacking in compassion, the owner of Plum Blossom Farm could not bring herself to sell the lambs she bred, knowing they would eventually end up slaughtered. Her love for animals led her to giving all the sheep a forever home at Plum Blossom. She modified her business model and instead of selling lambs, now produces products with the ethically sheared wool from her flock of sheep.

  Sustainable: As an alternative to single-use and/or chemical ridden softeners, wool balls are re-useable and made from a renewable natural resource. Plum Blossom Farm's commitment to good farming practices, and the short supply chain make this a highly sustainable product.