Surf Mat - Recycled Wet Suits - Blue


100% recycled wetsuits

Neoprene wetsuits last on average 1-3 years and are non-biodegradable. These suits end up piled in corners of garages and fill up landfills. Suga has created a value stream for this waste by upcycling wetsuits at the end of their useful life. 

Keep this mat in the trunk of your car to stand on for foot comfort. It will keep your suit out of the sand and dirt while changing post-surf. Also great for meditation on the go.

Dimensions: 24" x 20", 3mm thick

Great for: Pre and post surf wetsuit changes, bring it in your carry-on for meditation while traveling. 

Made in California, USA.

  Certified1% for the planet, Deep Blue Life endorsed by Sustainable Surf.

  Upcycled: Suga collects worn out wetsuits, diverting them from landfills into beautiful, useful products.

  Sustainable: Suga takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Not only are they creating a value stream for waste otherwise dumped in landfills and oceans, but they have created a closed loop (cradle to grave) system for recycling their products at the end of their useful life.