Produce Bags - 3 Pack - Natural Fiber


Organic Cotton / Hemp Blend

Alternative to single-use disposable produce bags. This set includes three large bags made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp. The bag is designed to absorb moisture and restrict airflow, making the bags ideal for - nuts, grains, and bulk bin food items.  

Bag dimensions: 12.5" x 16" (approximately)

Machine washable, hang dry.

Great for: Zero-waste, bulk bin shopping, nuts, and grains.

Made in China by ChicoBag.

  CertifiedB Corp certified. Green America certified business. Fair Labor association and ISO 9001:2008.

  Ethical: ChicoBag manufactures mostly in China, but ensures a clean and transparent supply chain by being a Category C Licensee of the Fair Labor Association. They also have third-party audits conducted to ensure compliance with global standards for responsible sourcing and production.

  Sustainable: ChicoBag takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Not only are they creating a value stream for waste otherwise dumped in landfills and oceans, but they have created systems in their office and manufacturing facilities that contribute to an overall sustainable system - Chicobag employees use their own hand towels in restrooms, and they have animals onsite that feed on food scraps and their compost pile. While the average American contributes over 130 lbs of waste to the landfill per month, the entire ChicoBag offices is down to less than 30 lbs per month.