Glass & Cork - Press - 12oz


12 oz glass cup with plastic splash-proof lid and repurposed cork band.
All parts are replaceable and recyclable at the end of their useful life.
Durable, fully tempered soda lime glass.
Non-toxic. BPA/BPS free.

The world's first barista standard to-go mug! Specifically designed to work well with your local coffee shop's equipment, while still fitting in your car cupholders. The inner cup replicates the internal volume of a disposable cup.

For best results hand wash only.

Over a year, use of this KeepCup can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your coffee habit by 92% compared to disposable cups!

Great for: Coffee or tea on the go.  


Lid - Polypropylene alloy #7 (recyclable)
Plug - LDPE #4 (recyclable)
Cup - Tempered soda lime glass (recyclable)
Band - Repurposed cork (compostable)
Box -100% recycled cardboard printed with vegetable based ink (compostable or recyclable)
Insert Brochure - 1
00% recycled cardboard printed with vegetable based ink (compostable or recyclable)

Made in Australia.


  Certified: B-Corp certified

  Local: All but one component (the silicon band) is made with local Australian manufacturing.

Sustainable: With a focus on localized manufacturing, fully recyclable components, compostable packing, and KeepCup's commitment to holistic sustainability through their product lifecycle analysis and their "Reuse HQ" portal for tracking your personal environmental impact, this product earns our seal of approval.