ecoFin Thruster Fins - FCS - Recycled Plastic



OceanComposite™ made from post-consumer plastic reinforced with fiberglass

Approximately 100 bottle caps go into one set of ecoFins. 

The ecoFin was designed with a solid flex in the base for controlled drive and a responsive flex in the tip to accelerate your turns off the lip. These fins are also significantly lighter than comparable models.

Great for: Small to medium height waves, various board types, surfers of all levels.  


Fin - Polypropylene (50% recycled from Bali and Indonesia), reinforced with fiber glass
Box - Recycled cardboard 

Made in Australia by Five Oceans


  Certified: 1% for the planet member

  Local: Five Oceans uses 100% post-consumer waste from Indonesia. Injection molding, pad printing, and packaging are all accomplished in Australia.

Sustainable: With a focus on localized manufacturing, transparent supply chains, compostable packing, and Five Ocean's commitment to environmental education, this product earns our seal of approval.